Welcome to Ebb and Flow

EbbandFlow.tv documents and shares our exploration of spiritual approaches to social change. We investigate the dynamic between Inner Peace and Outer action — specifically how inner transformation can support and sustain us through the journey of transforming our outer world. We focus on individual empowerment through various healing modalities, cultivating community and the collaborative solutions that are birthed from a sense of deep compassion.

Videos from Ebb and Flow have been featured in the Full Frame Documentary Festival and Pixelodeon.

This site is dedicated in loving memory to Dan Gouvea.


Jen enjoys exploring new media, the healing arts, consciousness studies and social change. She has a BA in film and a MSW in social work. She helped start up the non-profit Kids on the Hill, which is a youth organization that creates media and community art projects about diversity and social change. She has experience working as counselor in substance abuse recovery and with combat veterans. She co-produced The Echo Chamber Documentary.

Kent loves watching documentaries and investigating how technology is changing culture and politics. He is applying his engineering education to filmmaking by using new media technology to facilitate the collaborative editing of The Echo Chamber Project. He enjoys listening to lectures, attending conferences and learning about consciousness and cooperation.