Nurturing Touch through Somatic Inquiry

Somatic Inquiry is an emerging modality that is based upon a tradition of contact improv and nuture dance, and includes the physical and emotional body. Through quieting the whole system, one is able to listen internally and allow a space for internal impulse to be expressed through movement. These practices create a safe space for healing movement, touch and authentic expression. Janice Sandeen and Christina Decossio are both bodyworkers who teach classes in Somatic inquiry.

Gwen Bell brings up an interesting question of whether there are distinctly different masculine and feminine approaches to spiritual practice. She suggests that women are often not as responsive to the solitary sitting practices of Buddhism as men. I wonder if Somatic Inquiry’s emphasis on interconnection and embodiment could be considered an example of a more feminine approach to spiritual practice.

These are some additional links about somatic healing.

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