Video: The Great Turning

Our global society faces the challenge of moving from an industrial-growth society to a life-sustaining society. This shift is often referred to as “The Great Turning.”

We spent some of our New Year’s holiday collaborating on this videoblog to create a positive vision for the New Year. We used Creative Commons-licensed material detailed below.

Here are some resources that we find useful in describing some optimistic social change approaches for the future:

Non-Violent Communication is an approach to communicating that focuses on creating deep connection and satisfying relationships based on mutual respect, compassion and cooperation. Kent summarizes a weekend workshop of NVC here.

Joanna Macey wrote the book “Coming Back to Life,” which teaches community practices for facing despair and how to prevent from going psychically numb in the face of global challenges. Macey says, “When we deny or repress pain or treat it a private pathology we miss out. When we acknowledge and willing accepting the pain of larger world we open a path for a sense of interconnectedness.”

“The New Medicine” website by PBS is an excellent resource for understanding mind-body medicine and finding therapies that treat specific conditions with a integrative approach.

The Institute of Noetic Science’s hosted an Essential Shifts Series consisting of interviews with some of the world’s best visionary thinkers talking about the current global situation and what we can do about it.

We bought the book “Worldchanging: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century,” which describes some of the latest and greatest solutions for a bright green future. It is packed with sustainable technologies that provide a lot of hope for what is already possible.
Update: this site lists small changes you can add to your daily routine to help stop global warming.


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Five Things Most People Don’t Know About Kent Bye

I was tagged by Jen for the 5 Things People don’t know about me.

1.) I won a Twister Tournament in college. Bring it.
2.) I love to dance, and am known to go out on a dance floor even if there is no one else dancing.
3.) I recorded an audition tape to be on the very first survivor, but I never sent it in.
4.) I helped produce two 16mm films — a college comedy and a kung-fu action film — before directing my first documentary about adults who are mentally disabled — all while working an engineering day-job
5.) I just received an anonymous grant to support the next year of The Echo Chamber Project.

The five people I am tagging are:
William Harryman of Integral Options — UPDATE: Here’s his Five Things post.
~C4Chaos — UPDATE: Here’s his Five Things post.
Charles Hope — UPDATE: coming soon.
Mike Lensi — UPDATE: Here’s his Five Things post.
Darshan — UPDATE: Here’s his Five Things post.

5 things people don’t know about me

I was tagged by Faux Press who was tagged by Chris Ritke, who was tagged by Markus Sandy, who was tagged by Josh Leo.

1. When I was a kid, I went to an Easter Egg contest and found the golden egg. I won a chocolate bunny and it melted.  I put it in the refrigerator because I thought it would regain its bunny shape.

2. In high school, my friend and I started a protest at my school because the county was threatening to cut our art classes.  It got a little out of control and I felt bad because we didn’t plan better.  I used to take three periods of photography a day.

3. Communicating through a computer and operating technology is new and a bit awkward for me.  I never spent much time on the internet until we moved to Maine.  I really enjoy editing.

4. Sometimes when I am alone I sing to my cats but nobody has ever heard me.

5. Kent and I are moving to San Francisco in the spring.

The 5 people who I am tagging are:


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What is Feminism?


My definition of feminism is when men and women live from the heart and communicate compassionately. To me it is about valuing relationship, intuition and approaching life with a spirit of collaboration for the greater good.

I wrote a poem about it here.

Is advocating for feminism necessary?

For a technology perspective check out:
Ryanne’s vlog: Where are the women?
For a consciousness perspective check out:
Elizabeth Debold’s post: Where are the women?

Whole Food Recipes and Self Care

I have been having a lot of discussions with people about organic food and healthy eating. So, I decided to repost this vlog that Kent and I made back in 2005 about whole foods. This video was originally made for Ryanne and Jay.

Awhile back I started getting sick. I have learned that taking care of my body by eating balanced meals and getting regular exercise is so important for overall happiness and creativity.
Recipes can be found here:

For some other great healthy recipes check out:
The Post Punk Kitchen recommended by Curtis.

If you are interested in self care, this is a wonderful site that posts free online yoga videos daily!

Lately, I have been thinking about cooking, social potlucks, and feminism.

We found Zaadz

We both started blogs over at Zaadz.
Kent’s blog is often about maps for social systems change.
In my blog I write poetry.

Zaadz is social networking site.
This is Zaadz mission:

We’re gonna change the world. Our math goes like this: you be the change + you follow your bliss + you give your greatest strengths to the world moment to moment to moment + we do everything in our power to help you succeed + you inspire and empower everyone you know to do the same + we team up with millions like us = we just affected billions = we (together) changed the world.

Please join us!

Soul of Money

What happens when money is given more meaning than human life or god?

Kent and I did this interview and podcast with Lynne Twist while shooting the Echo Chamber Project. She talks about how money flows like water in that it becomes poisonous if it stagnates. So I see money as a metaphor for giving and receiving.

Twist is the founder of The Soul of Money Institute and book of the same name.

The Soul of Money Institute’s work is based upon the following principles:

* Prosperity flows from sufficiency — the recognition of enough.
* Each individual makes a difference.
* What we appreciate appreciates.
* Collaboration generates prosperity.
* Our legacy is what we live – not what we leave.
* Gratefulness is the heart of generosity.
* Global citizenship is the natural outcome of an awakening consciousness.

I like this article from the NY Times because it has a hopeful messsage about philanthropy. It talks about “… a new breed of billionaires who are out to harness the marketplace as a force for doing good in the underdeveloped world.”

This is my Carp Caviar promo.


A Matter of Perspective

After seeing the movie An Inconvient Truth we went on a couple of summer trips looking for solutions to the environmental problems we face as a society.

There are opportunities for change within the many crisises that we face. The challenge is to have the courage to face the reality of the situation without getting totally depressed so that you can maintain a vision of hope and possibility.

We attended the Maine Social Forum where we interviewed Deborah Koons Garcia who directed the film The Future of Food, which investigates the controversy surrounding genetically modified food.

The film’s trailer provides an overview of some the political issues covered in the film, and the fact is that there is no obligation for food to be labeled for whether or not it contains genetically engineered ingredients. After we saw the film, we decided to start eating organic food.

We highly recommend seeing the film.

Click on the image below to watch the full 9-minute interview with the director for more information.

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Death in the House of Love

I’ve been reading the book Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype. It’s a rich and fabulous book.

The section “Death in the House of Love” talks about the necessary cycles of “deaths and startling rebirths” during the ebb and flow of intimacy. To love one must be prepared to grow and endure through numerous cycles of connection, disconnection, and reconnection.

Let us remember to pause and let go of familar routines. When we explore what our hearts cherish most then we can incubate and birth new life.

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