Video: Noah Levine & Dharma Punx

Noah Levine is a Buddhist teacher, counselor and author of the book “Dharma Punx.” Noah healed himself from addiction and substance abuse after being in the prison system, and now he is a counselor and Buddhist teacher. He comes from a punk background and is able to communicate the Buddha’s teachings in a way that resonates with a younger demographic.

Kent and I attended a day long workshop with Noah Levine at Spirit Rock Meditation Center on April 28th, 2006 where were able to interview him.

I got a chance to read Noah’s latest book “Against the Stream”, which summarizes basic Buddhist principles such as the Eightfold Path

and the Four Noble Truths in easily understandable language.

I like the way Noah interprets the Buddha’s message for contemporary times. By sharing personal experiences, he explains how the path of love is “against the stream” of habitual patterns of the mind and creates freedom. The book offers meditation exercises that can help us to overcome tendencies of the mind toward greed, hatred and delusion. And through meditation we learn to intentionally cultivate generosity, compassion, and understanding.

There is also a documentary about Noah’s path through spirituality, punk rock and inner rebellion called “Meditate and Destroy” that recently premiered in Santa Cruz.

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